Building a Mindfulness Practice at Work


According to Harvard Research, 47% of the time we are mentally off task. How would performance change for you and your organization if you could improve on this? In this course you’ll explore the modern-day phenomenon of mindfulness—the mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment—and how it’s helping employees at organizations like Google, Accenture and IKEA increase job satisfaction, reduce anxiety levels, improve concentration and build healthier interpersonal relationships.

Documented research shows that mindfulness creates noticeable improvements in the following areas:

  • Patience and resilience
  • Concentration and focus
  • Stress management
  • Communication skills
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Clear thinking

This course was formerly titled Demystifying Mindfulness at Work.

Who Should Enroll: 
  • Habitual multitaskers
  • People who are seeking life/work balance
  • Anyone who wants to reduce distraction and increase productivity at work
  • People looking for greater connection and meaning in their work
  • Employees who are looking for prioritization strategies
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Recognize the importance of mindfulness and be able to articulate a clear business case for it
  • Utilize tools to better understand unconscious habits, and the impact they have on productivity
  • Increase sense of purpose and connection to work
  • Utilize tools to shift negative thoughts and energy, and calm stress reactions
  • Develop a strategy for transforming technology from a distracting foe to a mindful friend
  • Be confident with the basics of meditation (centering) and be able to apply simple techniques in a workplace setting
Continuing Education Hours: 
Project Management Institute: 6.5 PDUs-Leadership
Continuing Education Units: .65 CEUs
Society for Human Resource Management: 6.5 PDCs-Communication
Society for Human Resource Management: 6.5 PDCs-Leadership and Navigation
Society for Human Resource Management: 6.5 PDCs-Relationship Management
Applies Towards Certificates:
Additional Information: 
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