Celebrating 20 Years of Professional Education

20th anniversary on blue background

This year marks our 20th anniversary, and the celebration is just getting started.


Remember 1999? The world was preparing for Y2K, J.K. Rowling's third book in the Harry Potter series was just being released and none of the movies has been made, the iPhone wouldn't make it to markets for 7 more years, and the Center for Professional Education (CPE) was established at The University of Texas at Austin...though it was known as the Professional Development Center (PDC) at the time.

What a difference 20 years makes! Our courses and certificate programs have changed, but our commitment to the ongoing professional development and success of our students and partners is still the same.

We're planning to celebrate all year long, so stay tuned for special announcements, offers and invitations. A short list of what we have planned includes:

  • New Programs
  • Free Professional Headshots
  • Scholarships
  • Free Lunch & Learn Workshops

Let's make our 20th a great year! Hook'em!

What else was happening in 1999?

  • The Blair Witch ProjectThe Matrix and Toy Story 2
  • Napster and the Blackberry 850
  • Family Guy and SpongeBob SquarePants
  • "Livin' La Vida Loca" and "...Baby One More Time"
  • Plainsong, A Walk to Remember and The House of Sand and Fog


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