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Corporate Education

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Corporate Education

Invest in your staff, ensure your company’s future

Maintaining a talented, energetic workforce in a competitive economy requires an ongoing commitment to employee training and professional development. With relevant, customized programs, you’ll create employees who are more engaged, loyal and productive – ensuring your organization’s continued success with a lower turnover rate, a stronger work ethic and a well-respected company culture.

The Center for Professional Education (CPE) offers corporate training programs designed to support more effective leadership and improved performance. Your leadership staff and employees will acquire valuable skills they can immediately put into action.

Why choose our programs?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexibility in program delivery and duration
  • Group discounts for on-campus programs

What can you expect from our customized training?

  • Enhanced communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills
  • Improved relationships among employees and their supervisors
  • Greater self and leadership awareness
  • Higher energy levels from staff members
  • Increased ability to learn and succeed in rapidly changing corporate environments

Get started.

Call, email or complete our Custom Training Information Request Form, and take the first step toward a more productive workforce. 


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