Data Analytics for Business Professionals: Concepts, Tools and Techniques


More than ever before, data is seen as a critical asset, relied upon to drive decision-making and generate business value. As a result, there is a growing demand for business professionals who understand how to leverage data as part of their day-to-day duties and are all-around data literate. This course is designed to introduce you to data and analytics, covering the following topics:

  • Understanding what it means to be a data-literate business professional
  • Recognizing characteristics of data-driven organizations
  • Preparing data for analysis
  • Visualizing and presenting data, using Tableau
  • Running analytical processes and deriving actionable insights from data

Industry case studies and hands-on exercises are incorporated throughout the class, utilizing various data sets and Tableau.

Who Should Enroll: 
  • Project managers, mid-level leaders and team leaders
  • Technology, business, analytics and engineering professionals
  • Professionals who report on business processes, or who are responsible for benchmarking or strategy development
Learning Outcomes: 
  •  Develop an appreciation for why data is a critical business asset
  • Gain an understanding of characteristics that are shared by all data-driven organizations 
  •  Learn how to manipulate and transform data so you can leverage data to solve business problems
  • Understand best practices on how to visualize data
  • Build a knowledge base of current analytics technologies
  • Develop a working knowledge of Tableau
Continuing Education Hours: 
Continuing Education Units: 1.5 CEUs
Applies Towards Certificates:
Additional Information: 

A significant amount of coursework will require the use of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, and Tableau Online. You must download, install, and license Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder prior to arrival in class.

Instructor will provide registrants a license key for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder. Additionally, the instructor will provide access to the course’s Tableau Online site.



For withdrawal, transfer and refund information, see Policy Code A.