Effective Facilitation Skills


In this course, you will learn the tools and techniques that facilitators use to create the type of supportive and focused environment that allows others to maximize their contributions when working in groups or on teams. You will also have an opportunity to practice facilitation techniques designed around the lifecycle of a project.

Whether you are leading a problem-solving team, working with executives or just want your group to move through the collaborative process more successfully, effective facilitation skills will ensure that your group's objectives are met, with good participation and complete buy-in from everyone involved.

Who Should Enroll: 
  • Project managers and teams
  • Team leaders
  • Business analysts
  • Project stakeholders, including customers and vendors
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Understand the basics of facilitation and identify the skills utilized by successful facilitators
  • Learn about goal-focused facilitation
  • Understand group dynamics and identify techniques to encourage positive dynamics and mitigate destructive behaviors
  • Identify crucial times in the project lifecycle where facilitated workshops can be of the most use
  • Understand the structure of a facilitated workshop and how to run one
  • Practice effective facilitation techniques including brainstorming and the Delphi technique
Continuing Education Hours: 
Continuing Education Units .65 CEUs
Project Management Institute 6.5 PDUs-Strategic and Business Management
Society for Human Resource Management 6.5 PDCs-Business Acumen
Society for Human Resource Management 6.5 PDCs-Communication
Society for Human Resource Management 6.5 PDCs-Leadership and Navigation
Society for Human Resource Management 6.5 PDCs-Relationship Management
Applies Towards Certificates:

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Additional Information: 

This course is not available for college credit.