Smartcuts to Dream Careers: Forge a Path to a More Rewarding Career


Do you want more from your career, but the thought of change feels totally overwhelming? 
Maybe you enjoy your job, but lack a path to advancement?
Perhaps you feel undervalued, bored or burned out? 

When it comes to making a change, we are conditioned to see risk, but the greater risk is not taking one at all. The hard truth is that most of us follow outdated rules and assumptions that hold us back. Come learn a refreshingly fun, step-by-step method to get unstuck. This workshop is designed to support anyone that needs help finding their motivation, making plans for a career change, or networking to discover hidden opportunities.

This workshop will be jointly taught by Spencer Ingram and Leah Fleischner.

Who Should Enroll: 
  • Anyone thinking about a career change
  • Anyone seeking more from their career
Learning Outcomes: 
  • A 3-step framework to clarify your career goals
  • Tactics to overcome common obstacles, fears, and anxieties 
  • Networking strategies to connect authentically with people who will power your success
Continuing Education Hours: 
Continuing Education Units: .2 CEUs