Strategic Communication Certificate Program

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Amplify the effectiveness of your communications.

Program Overview: 

Approaching communications from a strategic perspective means communicating the right message to the right audience through the right channels at the right time. The Strategic Communication Certificate Program consists of five courses that will provide you with the essential skills for designing, implementing and managing organizational communications for both internal and external stakeholders.

In this program, you will learn how to blend the logic and reason needed to analyze business challenges, with the creative thinking that seeks effective solutions considered from multiple perspectives. Using case studies to explore real-life scenarios, you and your classmates will work together to plan strategic communication solutions, including the basics of preparing and presenting data effectively. You will be able to apply what you learn immediately and become a better, more strategic communicator.

You can take the five courses in any order.

This certificate is also available as a Boot Camp covering all required courses in one week.

Who Should Enroll: 
  • Communications and marketing professionals
  • Anyone who presents research findings
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Managers of all levels
  • Project managers  
  • Government relations professionals
  • Risk management professionals
Plan Your Certificate:

This table shows upcoming start dates for this program’s courses. Please note that program start dates are subject to change. After registering for the certificate program, email us or call the CPE Registrar at 512-232-6520 to enroll in your chosen courses.

Course Title Fall Spring Summer
Communicating Complex Ideas: The Power of Storytelling 10/04/2018 03/06/2018
Crisis Communication: The Five Dimensions 12/04/2018 04/25/2018 08/03/2018
Delivering the Strategic Message: Make the Manner and the Message Count 11/15/2018 04/03/2018 08/01/2018
Essential Tools and Techniques in Data Analytics 10/24/2018 3/6/2019 08/02/2018
Establishing Your Strategic Communications Toolbox 09/13/2018 01/23/2018 07/30/2018
Additional Information: 

To complete this certificate, students take 5 courses.

  • The duration of each course is one or two days (see individual course descriptions for details).
  • Courses can be taken in any order, as they are offered. There is no deadline to complete the certificate.
  • Typical program duration is 6 to 18 months depending on course offering and student availabilty.

Bundle Pricing

We recommend registering for the full certificate program to receive the best price possible. Each course is priced individually, but when you enroll in the certificate program and prepay, you'll receive a discount of $150 on the total cost of the package. 

By purchasing the certificate package you can:

  1. Place your tuition on a credit on file until you are ready to attend classes. 
  2. Select your courses now by working with a Program Coordinator.
  3. Lock in your tuition price.

Please note that students do not have to take all of the upcoming courses.

Program ID: 

At A Glance

Typical program duration is 6 to 18 months to complete all 5 courses.
Payment Options: 

Courses can be purchased individually or bundled together for a reduced price. Find additional information about payment options.