Texas Law of Agency


It is critical for today’s real estate professional to be well grounded in the fundamentals of agency law in order to perform the duties expected of them.  In this course, you will learn and develop an understanding of what services and duties are required when an agent represents a client, and how that representation affects the agent’s behavior with other parties to the real estate transaction.

This course is online and is self-paced. Included are pre-tests, chapter reviews, and practice exams designed to enable you to target the most relevant topics and test your understanding of the materials.

Per Texas Real Estate Commission rules, this course includes a proctored final exam.  A proctoring fee may be assessed and is not included in the course fee.  The exam itself is taken online.

TREC Course Number: #1151
TREC Provider Number: #0230
Who Should Enroll: 
  • Students who need to complete the mandatory real estate pre-licensing courses
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Describe in practical terms who agents are and how authority is given
  • Describe third parties and the obligations a licensee has to those parties
  • Describe the requirements for and different types of listing agreements and arrangements
  • Describe the rights and obligations of each party in a buyer representation agreement
  • Describe how intermediary brokerage works in a real estate transaction
  • Describe the employment relationships and compensation concerns in real estate transactions
  • List the various federal and Texas laws that guide a licensee’s conduct in a real estate transaction
  • Describe the steps a licensee can take to prevent issues and manage risk in their real estate practice
Continuing Education Hours: 
Texas Real Estate Commission 30 CE
Textbook Information: 

Textbooks are not required for this course. However, if you wish to purchase a supplemental print or ebook you may do so at the RECampus website after receiving your login credentials. 

Additional Information: 

This course is not available for college credit.

Per TREC regulations, a 30-hour qualifying course may not be started and completed in less than 3 days.  There is a maximum clock time limit of 12 hours per day. 

A criminal history may make individuals ineligible for a real estate license. Prospective students may request a criminal history evaluation prior to enrolling in courses or applying for a real estate, inspector or appraiser license. Reference criminal history eligibility guidelines set out in Texas Occupations Code §53.025 and TREC Rule 541.1.   

Certificate of Completion
A certificate of completion will be emailed to you within 5-7 business days.

Technical Support
Once you begin the course, if you require technical support please contact REtechsupport@dearborn.com.

Contact TREC
If you have questions about any requirements for real estate sales professionals in Texas or about course requirements, please consult the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).