Texas Real Estate Principles I


Based on the best-selling Modern Real Estate Practice in Texas, this 30-hour course combines solid industry principles with the latest state-specific information you need to pass the Texas licensing exam in a convenient online format. The course reviews the various careers available in real estate, explores the complex relationships among buyers, sellers and brokers, and provides the essential foundational knowledge required to become a sales agent.

Per Texas Real Estate Commission rules, this course includes a proctored final exam.  A proctoring fee may be assessed and is not included in the course fee.  The exam itself is taken online.

TREC Course Number: #121
TREC Provider Number: #0230
Who Should Enroll: 
  • Individuals interested in exploring real estate as a potential career
  • Students who need to complete the mandatory real estate pre-licensing courses
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Identify the various careers available in real estate and the professional organizations that support them
  • Distinguish among the concepts of land, real estate, and real property
  • Identify the various types of housing choices available to homebuyers, and discuss the primary considerations for determining housing affordability
  • Discuss the complex legal relationships among buyers, sellers and brokers
  • Describe the historical development of fair housing laws
  • Describe the requirements of the Canons of Professional Ethics of the Texas Real Estate Commission
  • Identify the purpose of licensing laws, the activities that require a license, the situations that may not require a license, and the types of license categories
  • Identify the legal methods used to describe real estate
  • Distinguish among express and implied contracts; bilateral and unilateral contracts; executed and executory contracts; and valid, void, voidable and unenforceable contracts
  • Identify the limitations on ownership rights that are imposed by government action
  • Explain the four basic forms of co-ownership and how each is created and terminated
  • Distinguish the different types of listing agreements and their terms
Continuing Education Hours: 
Texas Real Estate Commission 30 CE
Textbook Information: 

Textbooks are not required for this course. However, if you wish to purchase a supplemental print or ebook you may do so at the RECampus website after receiving your login credentials. 

Additional Information: 

This course is not available for college credit.

Per TREC regulations, a 30-hour qualifying course may not be started and completed in less than 3 days. There is a maximum seat time limit of 12 hours per day. 

A criminal history may make individuals ineligible for a real estate license. Prospective students may request a criminal history evaluation prior to enrolling in courses or applying for a real estate, inspector or appraiser license. Reference criminal history eligibility guidelines set out in Texas Occupations Code §53.025 and TREC Rule 541.1.   

Certificate of Completion
A certificate of completion will be emailed to you within 5-7 business days.

Technical Support
Once you begin the course, if you require technical support please contact REtechsupport@dearborn.com.

Contact TREC
If you have questions about any requirements for real estate sales professionals in Texas or about course requirements, please consult the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).