Amira Pollock

Amira Pollock specializes in creating interactive programming for educational purposes and is a sought-after instructor who makes her classes engaging, practical and impactful. Pollock possesses high energy and a warm personality that helps everyone feel comfortable. She has a proven track record of success, as demonstrated by consistent high evaluations, testimonials, repeat business and referrals.

In addition to teaching public and on-site courses for the Center for Professional Education at The University of Texas at Austin, Pollock is a leadership coach and frequent speaker for MBA students at the McCombs School of Business. She recently created and taught a highly-rated undergraduate honors seminar "Improvisation Foundations for the Science Student" for the College of Natural Sciences. In addition to teaching, Pollock has spoken at conferences as an expert in her field, most notably returning to SXSW for the fourth consecutive year in spring 2019.


Pollock earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Rice University and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Education from The University of Texas at Austin. 

Student Testimonials:

"I attended Amira's excellent public speaking class at the University of Texas. Her teaching style is engaging and she continually takes the temperature of the room--checking for understanding and allowing plenty of time for discussion and questions. The activities she used took me outside of my comfort zone without being overly demanding. The main thing I wanted to practice was extemporaneous speaking and the full-day class gave me a lot of opportunities to do that, plus ideas on how to practice at home and with my team. I highly recommend Amira as a trainer and coach."

-  Leah Wardle, Director of Communications and Strategy Outreach at Social Performance Task Force

"Super job by presenter Amira Pollock. Class was exactly what I was looking for, and I appreciate that Amira provided resources and references for further development."

- Laura Shaw, Office of the Registrar, The University of Texas at Austin

"I attended one of Amira's classes at UT and highly enjoyed it. She kept us engaged and motivated. It was both educational and enjoyable at the same time. I highly recommend her as a solid instructor."  

- Tarek Aly, BDS, MBA, C.O.O. of Orthodent Management LLC - President of Precision Advisory LLC

“I took Amira's Business Improv class at UT several years ago. It was a great experience and helped me to be more open to new opportunities at work. The 'Yes, and!' approach is so helpful when receiving new ideas for projects or when managing a brainstorm. It helps keep your mind in the right place, rather than worrying about the outcome (which is when ideas tend to fail). I also loved how playful she made situations at work seem, a lot of times we forget that work can be FUN and enjoyable. She helped me remember that and I use many of her tips still today!” 

- Mary Feild, Product Marketing Manager at Academic Programs International