Antoinette Griffin

As an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, Antoinette Griffin is a certified coach, speaker, trainer and facilitator. Her company, Griff Development, provides coaching for business executives, and training and facilitation for teams to excel in the areas of business-building, confidence and communication, leadership and goal achievement. Additionally, she specializes in working with introverts who desire to strengthen their communication, connection and leadership abilities while maintaining their naturally wired behavioral style.

Griffin has worked in both public and private sectors as a mid-level manager, and has been an entrepreneur for the past 20 years. 


Griffin attended The University of Texas at Austin, receiving a bachelor’s degree in management and is a certified Human Behavior Consultant specializing in DISC. She also serves as a faculty member for 25,000 John Maxwell Team coaches worldwide. 

Student Testimonials:

"I thought the class was interesting. All of the exercises were well planned for introverts.”

“As much as my shy self hates to admit it, the exercises were excellent. It’s hard for me to accept the fact that exercises like that are effective, but they were very much so in this class and I felt very comfortable.”

“I enjoyed this class so much. I went away with more than I expected to obtain.” 

Antoinette Griffin