Communication Skills for Professionals Certificate Program

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Communicate with confidence and credibility.

Program Overview: 

Have you ever been awed by someone who always seems to know what to say and how to say it, in any situation? How you communicate reveals a great deal about you and your organization. Successful professionals prepare in advance to make a good impression.

Learn to communicate with poise, diplomacy and confidence in the Communication Skills for Professionals Certificate Program from UT Austin. Designed for individuals interested in developing essential skills for effective writing and speaking, you will learn practical tools and techniques to help you project a positive, polished and professional image in all written and verbal interactions.

Sign up for individual classes or earn the Communication Skills for Professionals certificate by completing seven courses from the list of available one- and two-day courses listed below within three years. 

Who Should Enroll: 
  • Professionals at all levels who want to build confidence, credibility and interpersonal communication skills to create powerful relationships
  • Professionals responsible for reports, memos, letters and e-mail messages
  • Anyone who speaks publicly or gives presentations
  • Executive and administrative professionals
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Sales professionals
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Discover your natural communication style and learn how to adapt to the style of others
  • Build harmonious relationships by communicating with tact, diplomacy and credibility
  • Develop listening skills to prevent critical misunderstandings
  • Understand how to communicate up and down the workplace hierarchy
Plan Your Certificate:

This table shows upcoming start dates for this program’s courses. Please note that program start dates are subject to change. After registering for the certificate program, email us or call the CPE Registrar at 512-232-6520 to enroll in your chosen courses.

Course Title Fall Spring Summer
Communicating Clearly: Effective Business Correspondence 11/21/2024 04/25/2024 08/16/2024
Communication Strategies For Introverted Business Professionals 10/02/2024 04/03/2024 06/11/2024
Dealing with Difficult People 11/12/2024 03/19/2024 08/19/2024
Document & Information Design 10/31/2024
Essentials of Dynamic Communication 09/06/2024 02/09/2024 07/19/2024
Know Your Audience: Navigating Workplace Communication 05/07/2024 08/20/2024
Mastering Mechanics: Proofreading, Punctuation and Grammar 09/18/2024 03/05/2024 07/16/2024
Public Speaking Success in the Modern Business World 12/10/2024 05/21/2024 07/30/2024
Speak Up: Making a Clear and Confident Impression 11/05/2024 02/27/2024 08/28/2024
Technical Writing 10/17/2024 02/01/2024
Writing Effective Business Proposals 11/07/2024 03/28/2024
Writing for Accessibility
Writing Policies and Procedures 01/18/2024 06/04/2024
Additional Information: 

Bundle Pricing

We recommend registering for the full certificate program to receive the best price possible. Each course is priced individually, but when you enroll in the certificate program and prepay, you'll receive a discount of up to $670 on the total cost of the package. 

By purchasing the certificate package you can:

  1. Lock in your tuition price.
  2. Consult with an Enrollment and Success Coordinator at for advice in determining your schedule of courses.
  3. Contact the Registrar at when you are ready to register for any or all of your courses.

Note: The program comprises 7 elective courses with a flexible completion timeframe of 3 years, though most students typically finish the certificate within 6 to 12 months. 

Registration Process

You can register for individual courses through their respective course pages, while bundle purchasers can submit their selected courses to the Registrar at For inquiries about course planning or content, please reach out to the Enrollment and Success Coordinator at

Upon completion of the 7 courses, whether through individual registrations or the certificate bundle, please contact the Enrollment and Success Coordinator at

UT Austin Gold Seal Certificate:

If you did not register for the Communication Skills for Professionals Certificate bundle but you are still interested in receiving your UT Austin Gold Seal Certificate, you may request it. You have three years to complete the certificate, starting from the start date of your first class. If you would like to find out if previously-taken courses count towards the certificate requirements, please reach out to your Enrollment and Success Coordinator at We will email you your certificate after your final class.

Program ID: 

For withdrawal, transfer and refund information, see Policy Code B for bundle purchases or Policy Code A for purchases of individual courses.

At A Glance

Typical program duration is between 6 and 12 months to complete all 7 courses.
Online or In-Person
Payment Options: 

Courses can be purchased individually or bundled together for a reduced price. Find additional information about payment options.