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Market-Driven Training from UT Austin

At The University of Texas at Austin we blend cutting-edge research, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to drive innovation. And at TEXAS Extended Campus we employ those same traits to develop professional education programs. We engage a market-driven approach, actively re-evaluating and updating our high-quality programs to match the skills that employers tell us they need in their organizations.

At TEXAS Extended Campus our approach to customized training begins with listening to and understanding your needs. To fulfill those needs and create lasting impact, we employ a highly collaborative process that blends cutting-edge research, industry experts and a focus on you—your priorities, preferences and expectations—to achieve your desired outcome.

We Help Individuals and Organizations Succeed

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Corporate Professional Development

Invest in your staff - and your business. Our customized training programs cover a diverse array of topics, from leadership to project management, to help your staff build essential skills and strengthen their working relationships to boost productivity.

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Government Training

We understand the unique needs of federal, state and city government agencies. Our cost-effective approach delivers high-impact training solutions to maximize your staff development efforts and meet your learning objectives.

Course Spotlights

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Courageous Conversations

The number one reason that people report for avoiding difficult conversations is the stress, fear and anxiety associated with how others will respond. This class teaches professionals at all levels how to provide sensitive feedback, confront disrespectful behavior or address a “hard to talk about” workplace issue.

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The Power of Strategic Communications

Strategic communications help organizations and their key audiences communicate across the right channels and with the right effect. To succeed, communications professionals need to think creatively about what will resonate with their audiences and use the right tools and media to reach them and have an impact.

Let's Connect!

Let's Connect

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Sr. Director of Professional Education & Strategic Initiatives
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