Innovation Management

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Create value through innovation.

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires constant innovation to stay competitive and cutting-edge, but being innovative is easier said than done. Innovation management includes processes for managing all stages of innovation from the initial ideation through to successful implementation, including the decisions, activities and practices of creating and executing an innovation strategy. Whether you are looking to spur creativity in your organization, drive business growth, create new models or products or improve services and technologies, the Center for Professional Education (CPE) offers programs that can help you stay innovative and stay ahead of the competition. Invest in your success by learning this powerful approach to building value for your business.

Short Courses:

Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration: In our connected world, it is paramount that we encourage alliances within and across teams. This course leverages data, frameworks, discussion and stories to teach you how to help cultivate a culture of collaboration at your organization. Explore the tangible benefits of partnerships and discover how to overcome common barriers to collaboration.

Fostering Innovation: Creating the Space for New Ideas: Explore how to create an atmosphere where new ideas can flourish and activate your ability to turn ideas into action. Learn the phrases to avoid so that you don't kill new ideas and the words to use to get ideas out of your stakeholders. Gain actionable strategies on how to structure the day to allow for free thinking and intentional doing.

Design Thinking: The ability to delight your customers has become a crucial success factor, whether you are providing a product or a service. Creating a great experience, however, is neither easy nor obvious since users often struggle to articulate precisely what they want. Design thinking processes can help. Begin to understand the basic components of design thinking in Design Thinking Basics, and explore how to put them together to produce a great customer experience in Design Thinking Deeper Dive.