Pave the path to a rewarding legal career.

Today there are a significant number of employment opportunities for trained paralegals in all sectors of the legal field, including private law firms, governmental agencies, and in-house at corporations. If you are looking for a stable and rewarding career, the Center for Professional Education (CPE) offers a Paralegal Certificate Program offered in-class or conveniently online and self-paced designed to teach you the fundamentals of the legal field to help you have a successful career. If you are interested in learning more about specific areas of the law to enhance your current legal career, explore our online specialty certificate options that provide a more in-depth education in various legal areas.

Certificate Options: 

Paralegal Certificate Program

Learn from experienced attorneys and paralegals and with peers in scheduled online sessions.

Online Paralegal Certificate Program

Open doors to a paralegal career with an updated certificate you can earn self-paced online.

Bankruptcy Law Specialist Certificate Program

Help benefit both debtors and creditors.

Contract Law Specialist Certificate Program

Acquire the knowledge and skills needed for paralegals working in contract law.

Family Law Specialist Certificate Program

Make a difference in people’s lives with a certificate in family law.

Immigration Law Specialist Certificate Program

Enhance your knowledge of immigration law for paralegals.

Intellectual Property Law Specialist Certificate Program

Protect ideas, inventions and businesses with an education in intellectual property law.

Media, Journalism and the Law Specialist Certificate Program

Enhance your knowledge of entertainment law.

Real Estate Law Specialist Certificate Program

Expand your knowledge of real estate law
On demand webinars. Explore leadership, communication, project management and more