Road to Success Scholarship

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Road to Success Scholarship

The Center for Professional Education is furthering the university's mission to expand access to educational opportunities with scholarships available each semester for many of our programs.

Scholarship-eligible programs include:

We believe in the transformative power of education. We also believe that a diversity of backgrounds and personal experiences enrich the learning environment. In offering these scholarships for up to 80% of the stated registration fee, we want to help individuals that have the passion and drive to work hard and succeed, but who have perhaps not had the means to access continuing education in the past.

Scholarship Eligibility and Candidate Profile:

These scholarships are open to all applicants who meet the financial threshold outlined below and will be awarded to eligible candidates based on the representation of merit in the answers provided in the application form. Special consideration will be given to those who show they have the potential to succeed in their chosen program and who demonstrate how the program would have an impact on them, their family and/or their community in their application materials. 

To be considered for a scholarship, you must:

  • Live in Texas and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Not exceed the household income limits listed on this page.*
  • Not have access to financial assistance from your employer or a third party to pay for your program.
  • Intend to complete the full certificate program.
  • Not be an employee of The University of Texas or an immediate family member of staff associated with the Center for Professional Education programs.
  • Meet prerequisites required by the certificate program in which you wish to enroll.
  • Submit all scholarship application materials in a timely manner.

*In order to be eligible to be considered for a Road to Success scholarship, you must demonstrate a financial need. If you are chosen as a scholarship recipient, you will be required to provide a copy of your or your household's most recent income tax return. Your household income for the last calendar year cannot exceed the amounts listed below for the number of people in your household.

People in



















Scholarship Applications Must Include:

  • The completed application form.
  • Recommendations from two contacts. You should solicit these from former or current teachers, professors and/or work supervisors; please no family members. Your recommenders will be asked to answer a few short questions about your qualities, strengths and potential to succeed in your chosen career field.  Please ensure they know your chosen certificate program and why you desire to pursue a career in this field. Their responses will be kept confidential.

How to Apply:

Your application consists of an application form with the completed short answer and essay questions and two letters of recommendation (solicit these recommendations from former or current teachers, professors and/or work supervisors; please no family members).

  1. Ask your recommenders to submit their letters via the recommendation form.
  2. Submit your application through our application form.
  3. The application questions include basic contact information, two questions for short answers and one essay question.
    • ​​Short-Answer Question 1 (200 word maximum): Discuss a special attribute or accomplishment that sets you apart and how it relates to the program you are applying to and your future goals.
    • Short-Answer Question 2 (200 word maximum): Describe something in your background or experiences that have led you to the program you have chosen.
    • Essay (500 word maximum):  We believe that continuing education has the potential to have a significant impact on individuals, their families and/or their communities. Explain what kind of impact you would expect from your completion of this program.
  4. You will be contacted approximately three weeks after the deadline with the outcome of your application, whether or not you receive the scholarship. If you are awarded the scholarship, at this point you will provide financial documents showing that you meet the financial need requirement.
  5. If you meet that requirement, you will receive a letter of acceptance and registration form to turn in to complete your registration in your chosen program.

Application Deadline:

Our application is currently closed. Please revisit this page for future updates on our next scholarship award cycle.

Important Dates for Spring 2023 Scholarships

All application materials (including letters from your references) must be received by the application deadline (noted below) for programs offered January 1 - May 31.

Event Date
Scholarship Applications Due by Midnight November 28, 2022
Applicants Notified of Decision via Email January 6, 2023
Recipient Acceptance of Award Required by January 20, 2023
Registration for Program Required by January 23, 2023
Payment of Remaining Enrollment Fee Required by January 25, 2023

Scholarship Rules, Terms and Conditions:

  • All application materials for the upcoming semester must be received by the application deadline.  
  • All application materials must be submitted via the online forms. Submit application short answers and essays through our application form and ask your recommenders to submit their letters via the recommendation form.
  • Applicants should review their applications for clarity and correct any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors before submitting. Writing quality is a factor considered when selecting applicants.
  • Applications that are received after the stated deadline will not be reviewed or considered.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Incorrect submission of materials will not be grounds for an extension. Please confirm that your application is complete prior to submitting your form.
  • Scholarship applicants will be notified via email of their updated application status no later than three weeks after the application deadline.
  • Scholarship recipients must sign a letter of acceptance and complete registration for the program. Full payment of the amount remaining or a deposit toward a payment plan, should they choose to set one up to cover the remainder owed, is due before the start of the academic semester. If this is not completed on time, the scholarship may be forfeited.
  • Applications and supporting documents cannot be returned.
  • You may apply for a scholarship for more than one certificate program at the Center for Professional Education, but you can only receive one scholarship.
  • Previous recipients of this scholarship are not eligible.
  • All decisions made by the scholarship committee are final. They will evaluate all applicants who meet the established financial thresholds according to the following criteria:
    • Evidence of potential to succeed in the program, as suggested by the short answer and essay question responses.
    • Potential impact on self, family and community, as suggested by the short answer and essay question responses.
  • Scholarships will not cover the cost of any course materials, such as books.
  • The Road to Success Scholarship cannot be combined with any registration discount. If you accept a Road to Success Scholarship, your portion of the tuition will be based on the full, non-discounted price of the certificate program.
  • Refunds will not be given once enrolled.
  • Scholarships cannot be transferred or applied to a different program, individual or semester.
  • The scholarship recipient agrees to:
    • attend all class sessions and meetings (as applicable).
    • actively engage with fellow program participants and instructors (as applicable).
    • complete all assignments.
    • make a good-faith effort to meet the requirements for successful completion of the program.

Scholarship FAQs

What if I missed the application deadline?

These scholarships are offered three times a year. Add your name to our email list to receive updates about the next application period.

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How is this scholarship funded?

This scholarship is funded by the Center for Professional Education, a cost-recovery unit at The University of Texas at Austin. If you are interested in supporting local Texans in reaching their career goals through these scholarships, please give to our scholarship fund.

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How are recipients selected?

The scholarship committee will review all submission packets and choose the top candidates based on their financial need and merit as reflected in their application materials. They will consider evidence of each applicant's potential to succeed in the chosen program and field of study and the expected impact of the program on each applicant's life.

Can discounts be used in addition to the scholarship funds?

The scholarship funds awarded will be based on the full cost of the program. No discounts can be applied.

Why cover up to 80% of the registration fee instead of covering 100%?

By covering up to 80% of the registration fee, we strike a balance between greatly increasing the affordability of these programs to individuals who need financial assistance and making our scholarship funds go as far as possible. In addition, by being responsible for contributing a portion of the registration fee themselves, our scholarship recipients demonstrate their commitment to being engaged in and completing their programs.

Scholarship Administrator