Technical Writing


Skillfully written technical material is able to clearly and concisely convey an understanding of new technologies, processes or concepts. No matter the reading level of your audience, the principles behind good technical writing remain the same.

In this course, you will become more familiar and comfortable with the technical writing process and develop strategies to present technical details and data in the most easily understood and meaningful manner for your audience. You will strengthen your writing style and learn to employ design techniques that will improve your technical documents.

Who Should Enroll: 
  • Anyone who writes explanations, content, or reports using data or technical information
  • Business or technical writers
  • Communications professionals
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Learn nine measures of quality technical writing
  • Develop an effective technical writing style
  • Use the appropriate organizational pattern for your project
  • Use attention-grabbing writing and layout techniques to hold your readers' interest
Continuing Education Hours: 
Project Management Institute: 6.5 PDUs-Business Acumen
Society for Human Resource Management: 6.5 PDCs-Business Acumen
Society for Human Resource Management: 6.5 PDCs-Communication
Continuing Education Units: .65 CEUs
Additional Information: 

Required: Bring at least three pages of a document that you have recently written. It can be several short documents (email correspondence, letters, reports, web content are all welcome) or one long document. You will use these samples of your work to assess your current writing style, apply techniques discussed in class and develop strategies for improving your writing.

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