Courageous Conversations

Discover how to approach difficult conversations with confidence.

Program Overview: 

The number one reason that people report for avoiding difficult conversations is the stress, fear and anxiety associated with how others will respond. Regardless of how well a conversation begins, moving on to sensitive subjects is not always easy (and there are no guarantees). A difficult conversation requires both skill and courage.

Courageous Conversations is designed to help build your confidence and ability to communicate authentically during uncomfortable workplace interactions. If you need to provide sensitive feedback, confront disrespectful behavior or address a “hard to talk about” workplace issue, this course will provide you with useful strategies and enhance your ability to navigate these situations effectively.

Who Should Enroll: 
  • Supervisors, managers and emerging leaders
  • Project team members and leaders
  • Individuals encountering challenging workplace interactions (e.g., workplace bullying)
  • Anyone who must frequently provide feedback to others
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Learn the skills necessary for conducting a variety of difficult conversations
  • Understand how to overcome barriers that contribute to communication anxiety and fear
  • Learn methods that help you to communicate honestly without damaging relationships
  • Learn how to produce better communication outcomes using your authentic voice
  • Create a plan for managing the courageous conversation process
Additional Information: 

This class is only offered as an on-site training option with 8+ participants. This class is not open for individual registrations.

Continuing Education Hours: 
Continuing Education Units: .65 CEUs