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Road to Success Scholarship
Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship FAQs

How are recipients selected?

The scholarship committee will review all submission packets; evaluate essays for potential impact on self, family, and community that the program would provide; and assess each candidate’s potential to succeed in the chosen program and field of study based on evidence of prior achievements. Financial need is verified for the chosen top candidates.

Why cover up to 80% of the registration fee instead of covering 100%?

By covering up to 80% of the registration fee, we strike a balance between greatly increasing the affordability of these programs to individuals who need financial assistance and making our scholarship funds go as far as possible. In addition, by being responsible for contributing a portion of the registration fee themselves, our scholarship recipients demonstrate their commitment to being engaged in and completing their programs.

What questions are on the application?

​​Essay Question 1 (500 word limit/3400 character limit): Please tell us about yourself and why you are applying for this scholarship. What about your professional background or personal objectives would make you a successful candidate for the selected program?

Essay Question 2 (500 word limit/3400 character limit): Please explain how receiving this scholarship and completing this certificate program will impact you personally and/or professionally, impact your family, or how it will help you make a difference in your community.

What questions will my references need to answer?

The two people writing your required recommendations will have to answer questions about how long they've known you and in what capacity, as well as provide some basic contact details. They will also answer the following:

Please describe and give examples of the qualities the applicant possesses that would help him or her to be successful in his or her chosen profession. What impact do you feel this education would have on the applicant’s life? (400 word limit/2900 character limit)

You can download a pdf copy of the information found on the Qualtrics survey that your references will complete here.

Can discounts be used in addition to the scholarship funds?

The scholarship funds awarded will be based on the full cost of the program. No discounts can be applied.

What if I missed the application deadline?

These scholarships are offered three times a year. Add your name to our email list to receive updates about the next application period.

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How is this scholarship funded?

This scholarship is funded by the Center for Professional Education, a cost-recovery unit at The University of Texas at Austin. If you are interested in supporting local Texans in reaching their career goals through these scholarships, please give to our scholarship fund.

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Award Amount: Up to 80% of Program Tuition

Application Status: Open for Fall 2024 Programs | Application Deadline July 15, 2024

Next Cycle: Spring 2025 Applications Opening September 2024

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