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At the Center for Professional Education (CPE), we strive to provide a variety of flexible options to keep you engaged and inspired.

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Featured Webinar

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Strategies to Accelerate Your Career

Whether you are looking to pivot your career in a new direction or to find new employment, this webinar will provide you with actionable next steps on how to position yourself for a new job, a new career or your next opportunity.

Original Publish Date: December 7, 2020

More Webinars to Keep You Learning

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Straight Talk: How to Handle Tough Conversations Without Derailing Your Career

Whether you’re a manager providing feedback on poor performance or an employee owning up to a big mistake, people tend to dread tough conversations. The key is knowing how to approach “those” conversations to ensure the outcome is positive and productive, rather than emotional and confrontational. Shelley Pernot provides guidance, tips and tools on how to navigate uncomfortable conversations, helping you to improve your leadership skills and professional relationships.

Original Publish Date: November 2022

Words Are Important, But What is Your Voice Saying?

Words Are Important, But What is Your Voice Saying?

Communication skills are critical to career success. Your writing skills are solid, but what about your “vocal image”? Jennifer Lazarow discusses what the research reveals about the importance of your voice in conveying a competent and confident impression and provides tips on how to strengthen your voice and avoid common pitfalls to a positive vocal image.

Original Publish Date: June 2022

Understanding Burnout Image

Understanding Burnout: What Science Tells Us and How We Can Sustainably Recover

Are you feeling burned out? Evidence of burnout is everywhere, but do we really know how science defines occupational burnout? And more importantly, how do we deal with it effectively? Using behavioral science and psychology as her guide, behavioral scientist Tanya Tarr offers practical solutions you can implement immediately to help bring your organizational health back into balance. .

Original Publish Date: January 2022

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Planning Your Next Career Move

Is it time for a career change? Whether it's time to move up, move out or stay put, author and researcher Art Markman, PhD. discusses how cognitive science sheds fascinating light on making career decisions and walks you through the process of preparing for a career/job transition.

Original Publish Date: October 2021

Find Your Professional Future

Find Your Professional Future

Whatever your career goals are, you’re more likely to succeed if you have a comprehensive strategy. Using our newly-developed Career Planning Workbook, Leadership Coach Amira Pollock helps you map out the steps to achieve your professional goals.

Original Publish Date: June 2021

Articulating Your Value Webinar

Articulating Your Value

Asking for a raise or promotion can be awkward and intimidating. Coach and Researcher Tracey Lovejoy discusses how to create clarity on your goals and strengths and how to translate your value to a specific audience.

Original Publish Date: March 2021

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Leadership in Turbulent Times (3 Part Webinar Series)

In December 2020, CPE instructor Amira Pollock interviewed three leaders to explore different perspectives on leadership in turbulent times.

Original Publish Date: December 2020

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Getting to Yes: The Science of How to Get People to Agree with You

A small change in the words you use can make a big difference in your powers of persuasion. Rethink how you can get to yes with help from CPE instructor Chris Aarons.

Original Publish Date: October 20, 2020

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Leading Projects Out of Crisis Using Project Management

Project manager and CPE instructor Derek Edwards explores characteristics of a good project manager and provides insight into the steps to take to salvage a struggling project.

Original Publish Date: May 20, 2020

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Leadership X-Factor

In this webinar, CPE instructor Rich Handley uses the concept of Emotional/Social Intelligence to deconstruct Leadership Presence, which he calls the "Leadership X-Factor".

Original Publish Date: May 11, 2020

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