Rich Handley, D.B.A.

Dr. Rich Handley is president and founder of EQ University. He is a pioneer in bringing emotional intelligence to the workplace and has more than 22 years’ experience in corporate applications of emotional intelligence. He has spent those years instructing Fortune 500 firms, academic institutions, federal and state agencies, the U.S. Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies to leverage emotional intelligence in areas such as employee selection, organizational and leadership development, employee development and sales training.

Handley has co-authored several books and manuals on emotional intelligence, including “Optimizing People,” the EQ360 Assessment, the EQ Interview, the Behavioral Health Survey and the Benchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence. His work has been featured in Fast Company magazine, Inc. Magazine, Harvard Business Update, Training magazine, HR Magazine, Controller Magazine, Selling Power, the Dallas Morning News, MSN, ABC and Fox News.