Speak Up: Making a Clear and Confident Impression


Whether it's explaining the benefits and strengths of your ideas to upper-management, negotiating with customers or negotiating with coworkers, you are probably called upon to speak at work daily. But is your "vocal image" helping you or hurting you? There is more to our voices than meets the ear. A poor vocal impression can lead to diminished credibility, loss of support and even lost business.

In this course, you will learn about vocal range and practice the skill of voice projection in a professional setting. You will develop strategies to overcome common vocal issues, including having a high-pitched tone, speaking too softly or too quickly, straining the voice and not having enough vocal variety.

Who Should Enroll: 
  • Anyone seeking to improve their confidence while speaking publicly or to groups
  • Sales professionals
  • Supervisors, managers, trainers, and coordinators
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Learn to use your breath and diaphragm for depth and powerful vocal range
  • Understand how to use the mouth to enunciate and project clearly
  • Harness the power of the pause in speech
  • Practice exercises that strengthen the voice
Continuing Education Hours: 
Project Management Institute: 6.5 PDUs-Business Acumen
Society for Human Resource Management: 6.5 PDCs-Business Acumen
Society for Human Resource Management: 6.5 PDCs-Communication
Society for Human Resource Management: 6.5 PDCs-Leadership and Navigation
Society for Human Resource Management: 6.5 PDCs-Relationship Management
Continuing Education Units: .65 CEUs

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