Building Psychological Safety for Your Team


Imagine if your team members:

  • Felt comfortable and confident speaking up on important issues, taking risks, and seeking creative solutions without feeling insecure or embarrassed.
  • Initiated giving each other quality feedback regularly, without your prompting or involvement.
  • Experienced satisfaction and pride in their work and contributed enthusiastically to your organization’s goals.
  • Openly shared their mistakes for the benefit of others.

How do you encourage these characteristics in your team? Embracing the concept of psychological safety and building the management tools needed to cultivate it is the first step to encouraging adaptive, innovative team performance.

“Psychological safety” is the term used to describe a shared belief that a team is a safe place for interpersonal risk taking. As a leader, it is imperative that you understand how your mindset contributes to a workplace where everyone feels that it is safe to speak up with questions, ideas, concerns or mistakes. But a growth mindset doesn’t just happen on its own.

In this course, you’ll gain practical tools for building an environment of psychological safety and developing a growth mindset. You’ll learn proven practices to improve workplace satisfaction and performance – for yourself and your team!

Who Should Enroll: 
  • Emerging leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles.
  • Managers, team leads and team members who wish to learn strategies to cultivate a psychologically safe work environment.
  • Project managers and individuals without management authority who are expected to lead and influence others.
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Understand why psychological safety is key in creating outcomes that matter and learn tips and tools for building a psychologically safe team and workplace.
  • Learn the distinction between a fixed mindset leader and a growth mindset leader, and why it’s important to lead with the latter.
  • Identify strategies for recognizing when you’re triggered into a fixed mindset, and how to course correct in the moment.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Continuing Education Hours: 
Continuing Education Units: .65 CEUs

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